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We'll custom build it for you!

Please call us or stop in for a custom quote based on YOUR computer needs. EVERYONE has different needs for a computer - do you want it mainly for entertainment and games?  Internet only? Video Editing?  Business use?  You may not know exactly WHAT computer components you need but we can give you some good ideas.  Talk to us to get the perfect computer for YOU!  We'll try to build a computer based on your NEEDS and budget - with simple words you can understand.  We won't try to sell you more than you need, so you don't get a lot of unwanted things you will probably never use.  We have complete systems for your home or business or if you just need a new tower and want to save some money you can keep your existing monitor (and mouse/keyboard/printer/etc.).  Our systems always use genuine software & we believe in honest business practices.  You will have LOCAL support (not some tech support number overseas) and all our new computers come with a one year service and support warranty standard.

Complete systems with Tower (customizable colors & options), Keyboard, Mouse & Monitor starting at less than $800.  Call for a free quote today.

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